Is there even any point in content calendars anymore?

TL;DR yes

The world of social media used to revolve around content calendars (for brands, at least).

But now organic reach is dying off on Facebook, and Twitter isn’t the force it once was, it is becoming doubtful whether a content calendar still has any use.

However, so long as you understand social as it is, rather than as it was when they first became a thing, calendars can still prove useful.

Here are some tips…

1. You don’t need a Tweet every day

schmocial tweets

In the old days, you’d post a tweet once a day (or more) and Facebook posts less often. Tweets had a very short life, but organic reach was so good on Facebook that traffic would live on for ages.

This is clearly not now the case. If your brand is sporty or newsy or in some other way relevant to Twitter, then fill your boots. Otherwise you are unlikely to get much out of Twitter.

2. Organic content can still work – but you need to include paid social

schmocial money

If your client has a lot going on, it’s still good to tell people about it. And organic reach may be low but it’s not dying.

A content calendar full of useful, engaging posts can still get some decent numbers – but you should always be including some media spend in there too.

The balance between paid and organic will differ between different clients, but really you should look to be having at least a small amount of paid activity going on all the time.

And you can use your content calendar to list the targeting you want to use and how much money you want to spend.

OH HAI. FYI, you can find me on Facebook, here.


3. Video is still king

schmocial video content

This is video content.

If you’ve got video content, use it.

Then use it again. And again. Good video just performs so much better than pictures or link-throughs, so if you’re trying to push a brand message, video is the place to start and end.

4. Build in sales posts

schmocial ants in eyes

This is Ants In My Eyes Johnson – one for the Rick and Morty fans

If you’ve got a large, engaged audience on Facebook, it’s time to start thinking about what you want from them.

A great way to show that what you do is working is to get some sales posts going.

These could be product carousels or canvas posts. Once you start picking up some sales it’ll be much easier to get more media spend signed off.

5. Instagram, bitch

schmocial instagram

In case you hadn’t noticed, Instagram is at war with Snapchat. And whilst usually war is bad for everyone, this one is actually great.

Instagram is now a bit like the father who’s been kicked out but is still trying to impress his kids with loads of gifts every time he comes round.

To be clear: You are the kids – and the gift from daddy is loads of free organic reach.

He wants to make sure you don’t want to spend any more time with mummy’s new boyfriend, Snapchat.

I suggest you take daddy’s presents and use them all to get loads of engagement on your #AWESOMECONTENT.

Does that make any sense at all? No?

Basically, Instagram is trying to buy your love with free reach. You should shamelessly grasp at it and milk it for all it’s worth.

Sweet, delicious organic reach.




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